Western Aircraft Names Approved Piper Aircraft Service Centers

Western Aircraft of Greenwich AeroGroup, Inc. announced today the appointment of two service centers for Piper aircraft in northern California. Western Aircraft appointed Mather Aviation in Sacramento, Calif., and renewed Mangon Aviation in Petaluma, Calif., as approved Piper service centers.


“We have always taken after sale service and support as our utmost priority, building our success by taking care of our customers who trusted us and our products,” said Greenwich AeroGroup’s Vice President of Aircraft Sales and Charter Management Phil Winters. “Aligning with the strengths of Mather Aviation and Mangon Aviation, we intend to continue to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of technical support for their aircraft.”


Western Aircraft joined Piper’s domestic dealer network in December representing Piper Aircraft’s product line for new aircraft sales in Alaska, northern California, Oregon and Washington.


Both Mather Aviation and Mangon Aviation are authorized to provide warranty work, aircraft maintenance, repairs, and inspections for new and pre-owned Piper aircraft Models. Piper Aircraft has approved the appointments.

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