Western Aircraft, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced today that it is now offering one day, 100-hour inspections for Pilatus PC-12 aircraft.

Western Aircraft, a Pilatus Authorized Service Center, performs more than 250 PC-12 inspections annually. An average 100-hour check on a Pilatus PC-12 takes approximately three business days.

“Our team at Western has achieved this milestone by putting the entire PC-12 100-hour inspection under our 5S process review,” said Jody Harris, Director of Aircraft Services for Western Aircraft. “We eliminated the non-value activities and mechanic tasks which made way for us to achieve our goal and offer One Day 100-hour inspections to our customers. This reduced downtime is especially a big factor for those who fly air ambulances or are Part 135 charter operators.”

Harris also added that the key to the reduced downtime is proper preparation and planning. He said the maintenance checks must be booked four weeks in advance, and the point of contact needs to be available during the inspection should any squawks arise.

“Visualize a race car pulling into the pits for fuel and tire changes. Those pit stops used to last minutes, but are now flawlessly performed in under 20 seconds. We are focused on the 100-hour inspection in the same fashion.”

In addition to being a Pilatus ASF, Western Aircraft is currently the largest Pilatus dealership in the world and the only Pilatus Aircraft Authorized Service Center in the United States to complete a Life Extension Program (LEP).

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