Western Aircraft Authorized for Falcon Dry Bay Modification

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Western Aircraft of Greenwich AeroGroup announced today the successful completion of a wing tank dry bay modification on a Falcon 2000 aircraft. The company, a Dassault Authorized Service Center located in Boise, Idaho, was trained by Dassault and is fully equipped to perform the mandatory service bulletin modification on the Falcon 50, 900 and 2000 aircraft, in and out of factory warranty.


The Dry Bay modification is relatively labor intensive as it requires removal of both the LH and RH lower wing structural panels (planks) for access in order to add a sealed boundary to the front of the wing rear spar between ribs 4 and 5. Estimated downtime to complete the modification is four weeks or less. Since the dry bay service bulletin work takes place in the aircraft wing zones, operators can take advantage of the downtime to complete other aircraft work such as inspections, pre-purchase examination, avionics and interior refurbishments, with little to no impact on the modification. Western Aircraft is also working to reduce downtime in order to accommodate customers in need of quicker turn time.


View PDF version.


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