Summit Aviation Inc., a Greenwich AeroGroup company, is proud to announce its achievement as the first Delaware employer to register Apprenticeship Standards with the Delaware Department of Labor, Division of Employment and Training, Office of Apprenticeship. In addition, Summit has successfully completed an Apprentice Agreement, marking the company as the first in Delaware to introduce the Aviation Maintenance Mechanic Registered Apprenticeship program. 

The newly established apprenticeship program will provide hands-on training opportunities and professional development for aspiring aviation professionals. Summit Aviation has taken a significant stride forward in supporting a more empowered workforce. One in which real-time experience combined with a career pathway lays the groundwork for aviation innovation within the region. 

“Our foray into the aviation industry is another example of our Registered Apprenticeship program finding opportunities to place Delawareans in different spaces, particularly those in underrepresented communities,” said Secretary of Labor Karryl Hubbard. “We know the aviation industry pays high wages for skilled workers. This innovation helps Delaware compete as we develop the next generation of aviation workers.” 

Ralph Kunz, Vice President and General Manager of Summit Aviation, expressed his enthusiasm about this initiative, "We are thrilled to be leading the way in Delaware by offering the first Registered Apprenticeship program in aviation maintenance,” he said. “This apprenticeship program will provide valuable career opportunities and professional development for individuals who are passionate about aviation and eager to contribute to this dynamic industry." 

Summit Aviation's commitment to nurturing talent is exemplified by the appointment of Ms. Abigail "Abby" Holloway, a recent graduate from Bohemia Manor High School, as their first-ever Aircraft Maintenance Registered Apprentice. As part of the program, Ms. Holloway will attend the Polytech School of Aviation Maintenance to complete the Registered Related Technical Instruction (RTI) program. This comprehensive curriculum will equip her with the necessary knowledge and expertise to excel in the aviation maintenance field. Through this hands-on experience and classroom instruction, she will develop a solid foundation to thrive in her role at Summit Aviation. 

Kunz added that, “Summit Aviation recognizes the importance of investing in the next generation of aviation professionals. By establishing this apprenticeship program, Summit aims to bridge the skills gap, foster career growth, and cultivate a highly skilled workforce in the aviation industry.” 

Pictured above left to right: Michelle Susi, Summit Aviation; Joe Olivere, Delaware Department of Labor; Abby Holloway, Lynn Trent, Summit Aviation and John Morris, Polytech School of Aviation Maintenance

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