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Summit Aviation, a Greenwich AeroGroup Company, announced today they have added Aircraft Sales and Leasing to their repertoire of offerings.


Founded in 1960, Summit Aviation did buy and sell aircraft to the government previously but discontinued the service in the early 1990s. Today’s market environment inspired them to revive the services.


“Many of the government and parapublic agencies we work with have had to reduce their budgets,” said President of Summit Aviation Robert Fitzpatrick. “They have been asking us for a solution that would meet their needs for fixed wing or rotorcraft without having to make a capital investment.”


Summit is setting up the line of business to provide aircraft sales and leasing options for both fixed wing and rotorcraft. Fitzpatrick added that should an order for leasing be beyond the financial capabilities of Summit Aviation, they can turn to their parent company’s financial arm, Greenwich AeroGroup Financial Services, to accommodate the customer’s need.


View PDF version.

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