Professional Aircraft Accessories, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced today that it has extended its warranty coverage on landing gear from two years to five years.

One of the longest warranty periods in the industry, the Blue-Chip warranty covers workmanship for the landing gear of all business jets, turboprops and commercial and regional aircraft Professional Aircraft works on.

“The concept of offering the warranty extension is directly related to the quality of work we are doing when the gear is here at our facility,” said Professional Aircraft’s Technical Operations Director Billy McLean. “Our company has a solid reputation and proven track record when it comes to providing these services. We don’t take shortcuts that could lead to premature failure which is evident in our less than one percent warranty rate.”

McLean added that Professional Aircraft Accessories is focused on “repair rather than replace,” citing examples of proprietary repairs the company has created, such as the Bombardier CRJ200 NLG fitting sleeve repair, that not only reduces the scrap rate but also increases reliability. Another example is the CRJ700 chrome repairs that were developed for the MLG axle sleeves that saves them from being scrapped due to excessive wear.

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