Greenwich AeroGroup, Inc. announced today that its ODA (Organization Designation Authorization) based at Atlantic Aero issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the installation of the Iridium OpenPort Aero system on the Bombardier Challenger 601-3A/3R, 604 and 605 models.


The mobile broadband system leverages Iridium’s worldwide network of satellites, allowing users to stay connected anywhere in the world including from the middle of the Pacific Ocean to the Poles via Wi-Fi to their Smartphone, tablet or laptop.


“OpenPort Aero significantly enhances how business and communication can be achieved in the air,” said Greenwich AeroGroup’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Daniel Lafrance. “We are excited to be able to partner with LiveTV Satellite Systems to provide this innovative solution to both fixed wing and rotorcraft operators.”   


“Team spirit is what really launched OpenPort Aero,” said LiveTV’s Project Engineer for OpenPort Stephen Kraus.  “With this first STC and those to follow, we are able to achieve our goal of keeping people connected no matter where they fly.”


OpenPort Aero currently provides bi-directional optimized speeds of up to 300kbps and features three independent phone lines, enabling simultaneous voice and data connectivity.  Greenwich AeroGroup and its Atlantic Aero and Western Aircraft facilities sell, install and support the systems, as will other Greenwich-approved service providers.


Additional aircraft model STC’s are planned for next year for both fixed wing and rotorcraft.

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