DAC International, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced today that its GDC64 Tablet to Aircraft Interface Unit (TAIU) has received certification on the Bombardier Dash-8 aircraft with the help of Fokker Services in the Netherlands who’s responsible for the certification on aircraft.


This certification allows the iPad® EFB solution on the Dash-8 to be connected through the GDC64 TAIU and its ARINC 429 bus to the Flight Management System (FMS) as well as to the aircraft power. The ARINC 429 data from the FMS will allow iPad® applications (Apps) to utilize real time data and enhance cockpit capabilities.


The Fokker Services EFB for iPad® Solution is EASA certified (Class 2 Type B), requires no expensive ICT infrastructure and will be charged during all phases of flight. Easy installation ensures aircraft can be converted with very limited downtime.


The GDC64 connection developed by DAC International is specifically designed as an aircraft interface device to give the iPad® or any tablet a broad range of aircraft data without additional cumbersome Wi-Fi devices.  You simply plug your iPad® into conveniently located connectors  in any aircraft cockpit.


A Norwegian based operator is the launch Dash-8 customer for the EFB solution for iPad® with GDC64 connection and it is expected to be installed on more than 40 aircraft within the operator’s fleet consisting of all Dash-8 types. Due to its design, the GDC64 TAIU is suitable for use on a wide range of aircraft.

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