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DAC International, Inc., a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announces the new LCR-100N Hybrid Navigator from Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH (NG LITEF).


An improved version of the successful LCR-100 product, the LCR-100N is a hybrid navigation system that supports aircraft navigation even upon loss of satellite data by offering extended coasting performance. The product incorporates improvements to the LCR-100 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and to the usage of the satellite (GPS/GNSS) data.


“Our goal is to continue to serve in-service aircraft by offering innovative new products that support Required Navigation Performance (RNP) operation, even in the absence of GPS signals,” said DAC International’s Vice President of Sales Francisco Hernandez. “To accomplish this both digital and analog interface versions of this product are available.”


The LCR-100N provides precise navigation information regarding aircraft position, heading and attitude. The system consists of a Hybrid Navigator Unit, which accepts satellite-based position and velocity data, an Installation Data Module and a mounting tray. The system is lightweight and compact, weighing approximately six pounds.


The LCR-100N can replace inertial reference systems in many applications. By enabling aircraft to follow highly efficient, precise routes, the LCR-100N is supporting modernization programs for air traffic management systems, such as NextGen and Single European Sky (SESAR). The LCR-100N is available for most model aircraft as well as rotorcraft. LCR-100N orders are now being accepted for production deliveries to begin in late 2011 and into 2012.


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