DAC International Electronic Flight Bag Installed on Boeing 777 Series Aircraft

DAC International announced today that L2 Consulting Services was recently awarded a Federal Aviation Administration supplemental type certificate for the installation of DAC International’s Gen –X, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) system on a Boeing 777 series aircraft. The installation includes four EFBs which were installed in the aircraft in Hong Kong.


The DAC International GEN-X EFBs were interfaced to multiple aircraft avionics systems to provide aircraft position for charting applications and communications interfaces. The EFBs were also interfaced to an Iridium Satcom for real-time credit card validation and also allow support for Tech/Cabin log reporting. ARINC’s GateFusion is used as the broadband wireless connection between aircraft and ground-based applications for bulk EFB updates and FOQA data downloads. The system comprises four EFB’s for the Pilot, First Officer, Jumpseat and a unit for cabin applications.


View PDF version.

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