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DAC International, Inc., a Greenwich AeroGroup company, celebrates a 30-year milestone in providing integrated avionics solutions to the aviation marketplace.


DAC International was the brainchild of Terry Armstrong and Michael Crouch. As experienced marketing directors for a Fortune 500 Aerospace Corporation they recognized in 1980 the business opportunities that existed world-wide for avionics, thus together they formed DAC International and commenced operations in 1981. The entrepreneurial concept was to identify a group of companies which produced quality products but could not justify an in-house international marketing function.


“It has been an interesting and exciting 30 years,” said President of DAC International Mike Crouch. “We have been able to help so many small companies who didn’t have the resources to sell their products worldwide and while doing that, grow our own business.” Crouch added that DAC has recorded approximately $600 million in sales over the 30-year span.


DAC International’s longest standing alliance has been with Universal Avionics. “We became associated with Universal 15 years ago and they have been a solid partner,” said Crouch. Coincidentally, Universal Avionics is also celebrating their 30-year anniversary in 2011.

In addition to their main office in Austin, Texas they have offices in Hilliard, Ohio, Summerville, S.C., and international offices located in Brazil, The Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand and two in Germany. “At the end of the day, it’s really about knowledgeable people promoting good solid technical solutions in aviation,” said Crouch.


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