Helivia Aero Taxi, S.A., a Greenwich AeroGroup company, was founded in 1987 and pioneered onshore helicopter services in the Amazon. This month, it celebrates 30 years of providing service to offshore and onshore clients in the oil and gas industry.

“It is quite an accomplishment to be celebrating 30 years,” said President of Helivia Aero Taxi, S.A., John Fenton. “This industry in Brazil has seen its ups and downs over the years and we have weathered through all of them due to the diligence of our employees and relationships forged with our customers.”

Some key milestones for Helivia throughout the years include:

Today, Greenwich AeroGroup holds an economic interest in Helivia and 20 percent of its voting shares, which is the maximum amount currently authorized for foreign investors in Brazil.



Helivia Aero Taxi, S.A., a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced today that it will be the sole provider supporting C-Fly and Jet Aviation with VIP helicopter shuttle service to and from Galeão, Rio de Janeiro’s, International Airport during the 2014 World Cupwhich takes place June 12 – July 13, 2014 in 12 cities across Brazil.

C-Fly has obtained the exclusive rights to implement and coordinate an ‘open hangar’ operation, similar to other major international sporting events worldwide. With very few slots available in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão will act as the staging ground to support other nearby cities for most of this business jet activity arriving for the World Cup.

“There is room for approximately 300 business jets on part of the apron at Galeão Airport,” said Chief Executive Officer of C-Fly Francisco Lyra. “Although the opening game is in São Paulo it can be easily serviced by Helivia’s helicopter shuttle service.”

In partnership with C-Fly, Helivia Aero Taxi will provide VIP shuttle service utilizing its Sikorsky 76C+ aircraft configured with 6, 8 and 12 seats to transport VIPs to and from Galeão.

“I see this type of service providing a much needed secure alternative to ground transportation,” said President of Greenwich AeroGroup Brasil John Fenton.  “It will be an unprecedented hectic period before, during and after the games.” 


Helivia Aero Taxi, S.A., a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced today the hiring of Gabriela Teixeira da Silva Ribeiro as its Technical Manager.

Ms. Teixeira will be responsible for the technical compliance for Helivia, including overseeing the maintenance practices and ensuring Helivia meets the compliance requirements with Agencia Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC), and maintaining overall accountability for the Technical Quality system within the organization.

Previously, Ms. Teixeira served as the Maintenance Manager for Senior Taxi Aereo where she led and implemented improvements in routine maintenance planning and programming, increasing fleet availability. Prior to Senior Taxi Aereo, she served in various capacities including Operations Coordinator, New Projects Coordinator and Maintenance Engineer with Lider Aviation.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical-Aeronautical Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and has completed specific type courses on the S76, AW139 aircraft, including their respective engines. 


Helivia Aero Taxi, S.A., a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced today it has hired Wilson da Silva Rocha as its new Chief Pilot.


Over the past nine years, Wilson worked in the offshore aviation industry as a type rating instructor for the S76 at Líder Taxi Aereo supporting their operation in Vitoria. Prior to that, he served 37 years in the Brazilian Navy and achieved the rank of Captain.


“Wilson is a crucial appointment that now completes the Helivia operational management team,” said President of Greenwich AeroGroup do Brazil John Fenton.  “His addition to the team equips us with the professionals needed to ensure Helivia achieves its true potential.”


Amongst his other achievements, Wilson da Silva Rocha held the positions of Flight Instructor, Flight Safety Officer (1st Instruction Helicopters’ Squadron), Head of Air Operations (1st Anti-Submarine Attack Helicopters’ Squadron) and Flight Instructor and Training Officer (Naval Air Force).

Wilson da Silva Rocha graduated as a naval officer and Operational Mechanical Engineer and he holds a master’s degree and Ph.D. in Naval Science.


Greenwich AeroGroup announced today it has hired aviation veteran John Fenton as its new President of Greenwich AeroGroup do Brazil. In his new role John will lead the revitalization and restructuring of Helivia, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, which provides offshore helicopter charter services for the oil and gas industry.


Fenton has held various worldwide operational leadership roles during his 22 years in aviation in areas including Brazil, Antigua, Italy, Turkey, Cameroon and Chad.  Throughout his career he has utilized his strong interpersonal skills, organizational and cross functional expertise to successfully manage all operational and financial aspects for both helicopter and fixed wing businesses supporting the oil and gas industry. 


“We are extremely excited to have John join our team at Helivia,” said Director of Business Development for Helivia Aero Taxi Helio Jose Ribeiro. “John is a seasoned professional with an excellent reputation in the off shore oil and gas industry and he will assist us in the next phase of the revitalization of Helivia.  With seasoned management in place and the backing of our partner Greenwich AeroGroup, we look forward to rapidly growing our operational capabilities.”   


Most recently, Fenton led CHC’s Brazilian Helicopter Services (BHS), where he facilitated an extraordinary rate of expansion growing BHS into the second largest offshore helicopter operator in Brazil.


Fenton holds a certificate from the University of California in aviation safety management, a diploma in management and leadership from Bournemouth & Poole College and an airline transport pilot’s license.



Helivia Aero Taxi S.A., a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced today it has expanded its leadership team with the addition of Captain Renato Clark as its Operations Director.


Clark has more than 25 years of flying and management experience within the Brazilian military and the offshore oil and gas industry.  Prior to joining Helivia, he held key positions with two major operators in Brazil.  Helivia says it will utilize Clark’s vast knowledge of industry best practices to continue building upon the company’s high standard of safety, compliance and ethical behavior.


“One of Clark’s first actions was to engage us with the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) in Brazil,” said Greenwich do Brazil’s President John Fenton. “Helivia will be one of only three operators in Brazil, contributing to such an international committee. This reinforces our commitment in the effort to reduce the international civil helicopter accident rate by 80% by the year 2016.”


IHST is a team of government and industry leaders formed to address the factors affecting an unacceptable international civil helicopter accident rate.  Helivia representatives will be participating in various committee meetings, assisting in unofficial investigations of root cuases of accidents as well as reanlaysis of findings and recommendations from such investigations.  Additionally they will help spread IHST’s philosophy, safety toolkits, etc., within the Brazilian helicopter community. 

Greenwich AeroGroup Enters the Brazilian Market

Greenwich AeroGroup announced that it has acquired an economic interest in Helivia Aero Taxi, S.A. a key transportation service provider to the oil and gas industry in Brazil.


Located in Rio de Janeiro, Helivia Aero Taxi, S.A. was founded in 1987 and pioneered onshore helicopter services in the Amazon. For the last 15 years it has serviced offshore and onshore clients in the oil and gas industry operating a broad array of helicopters.


“We are extremely pleased that we can provide the funding needed to grow this vital business in Brazil,” said President and CEO of Greenwich AeroGroup Jim Ziegler. “Helivia has a long history of providing high quality services and with our assistance they will be able to continue to grow and expand.”


Greenwich AeroGroup will hold a 60 percent economic interest in Helivia and 20 percent of its voting shares, which is the maximum amount currently authorized for foreign investors in Brazil.


“The Brazilian oil and gas industry is booming and we see an opportunity to invest up to $50 million in Helivia over the next few years. We have already acquired four helicopters that will become part of Helivia’s fleet, and we are providing additional funds to support the company’s operational growth,” added Ziegler.


This initiative is being led by Greenwich AeroGroup Executive Vice President Gerry Goguen, who is working closely with Helivia’s founder, Helio Ribeiro, in developing and implementing a strategy to take advantage of the significant growth opportunities in servicing the Brazilian oil and gas industry.


Greenwich AeroGroup companies such as DAC International, Matrix Aviation, Summit Aviation and Professional Aviation Associates will provide critical logistical support to enable Helivia to maintain high levels of helicopter reliability and availability.


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